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The Liberator is an aircraft carrier of the Coalition. It is stationed on the coast of Russia, and functions as a safezone. The safezone has a large empty runway on top, and an open hangar bay. As such, it can be easily accessed via a variety of different methods such as by boat or plane. Due to being a safezone, players cannot use certain items while in the area. Additionally, building is disabled while within the safezone.

The Liberator is the NPC hub of the Russia map. Many different NPCs can be found aboard the Liberator. Some of the NPCs can be interacted with for unique dialogue, quests, and vending services. By speaking with Captain Sydney in the helm, players can learn how to join the Coalition.

List of NPCs[edit]

  • ???
  • Andy
  • Benny
  • Captain Sydney
  • Chef Leonard
  • Chief Brian
  • Commander Laurence
  • Doc Ernie
  • Dr. Swanson
  • Ensign Calvin
  • Ensign Cliff
  • Ensign Darren
  • Ensign Franklin
  • Ensign Gordon
  • Ensign Isabelle
  • Ensign Ivan
  • Ensign Simon
  • Ensign Todd
  • Ensign Vicky
  • Ensign Zoe
  • Gwen
  • Jolene
  • Keith
  • Lieutenant Harry
  • Lieutenant Kyle
  • Lieutenant Oswald
  • Lydia
  • Major Len
  • Mark
  • Natalie
  • Norbert
  • P.Riso
  • Patient
  • Peter
  • Rusty
  • Sam
  • Sous-Chef Roman
  • T.Rickster
  • Wallace