Shereyavo International

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Shereyavo International
Shereyavo International.jpg

Shereyavo International is a large airport in Russia. There are two entrances onto the runway of the airport: the employee entrance, and the passenger entrance. The employee entrance is obstructed by a boom barrier, and small security building. Although players can easily walk around the boom barrier, it must be powered and raised in order to easily move vehicles through the area. Alternatively, the employee entrance takes players into the airport terminal. A majority of the terminal consists of waiting areas, security checks, and luggage conveyors. However, there are two stores in the terminal as well.

There are two hangars on the runway, and an air traffic control tower. The hangars are a hotspot for construction equipment and crafting supplies, such as Portable Generators and Bricks. Two fuel tanks can be found between in front of the hangars. A Sandpiper may spawn on the runway, while a Luggage Car can spawn near the terminal. Militia loot can rarely spawn at the top of the ATC tower.

A large quantity of zombies can spawn at the airport, especially inside the terminal.