Oil rig

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Oil rig
Oil rig.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

An oil rig can be seen off the coast of mainland Russia, directly south of the Kivgrad Harbor. It is an offshore oil platform that is only accessible via aircraft. Although a boat could be used to get beneath the oil rig, there are no ladders in the area that can be used to climb onto the rig itself. Along the ocean floor directly beneath the oil rig is a nuclear submarine, which can be entered but is nonfunctional.

The oil rig and the surrounding area is a harmful deadzone. Due to the deadzone, players should wear a filtered mask in order to safely enter the area. All of the zombies on the oil rig will exhibit radioactive properties, and explode upon death.

The location features a heavy military presence, and can be looted for high-end Russian military equipment. There is a fuel tank on the bottommost platform. A mega zombie wearing Spec Ops clothing may spawn on the topmost platform of the oil rig. Two of the platforms have helipads on them, but helicopters will not spawn on them. Instead, they serve as a clearing where players may more easily land their own aircraft.


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

When Russia joined the Coalition, General Roman of the Russian military had been assigned the task of setting up a forward operating base. After surveying the coastline, General Roman chose to secure the oil rig. Once the oil rig had been secured by the military, nearby nuclear submarines began to rendezvous at the rig. General Roman had called in reinforcements so that they may set up a headquarters on the mainland as well.

A nuclear submarine docked under the oil rig, but the reactor overheated after coolant ran low. The submarine had nuclear meltdown, and the surrounding area quickly became irradiated. The oil rig would have served as a safe haven for survivors, but it had been irradiated before any survivors had been rescued.