Alpha Valley

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Alpha Valley
Alpha Valley level.png
Game modeArena
Map sizeSmall (1024 m2)
Battle to the last team standing in an updated version of the first map created for 3.0. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Alpha Valley is a multiplayer arena map in Unturned (version 3). It is a throwback to the first playable map added to Unturned, called Devtest. The arena circle will randomly close in on town Alpha, farm Bravo, or the lake. The map's intermission lobby is located in the southwest corner. There is a paved road leading to the lobby building, but players in the arena are unable to directly interact with players in the lobby.


There are two marked locations on the map, and a few notable unlisted locations. Players can spawn at either of the marked locations.


The central town is marked as point Alpha, and is a common airdrop location. Player spawn points are dotted all around the outskirts of the city. It is significantly more likely for a player to spawn in the Alpha area than at farm Bravo. There are two vehicle spawn points in the town, and both are located within the garages of residential houses. Ghillie clothing and military armor will spawn on the roofs of the buildings in the central commercial block, which can be reached via ladder.

Three airdrops can occur directly within the city. The parking lot, the park, and the alleyways of the commercial block are all valid airdrop locations. A fourth possible airdrop location is just outside of the town, at the immediate start of the road heading eastward.


The farm is marked as point Bravo. Players can spawn in a circle around the main structures. However, players are much less likely to spawn at the farm as opposed to the town. There is a vehicle spawn between the two buildings. An airdrop can occur in the wheat fields, surrounded by haybales. To the south of the farm, at the start of the intersection between the paved road and dirt road, is an additional valid airdrop location.

Unmarked locations[edit]

There are a handful of notable locations that are unmarked on the map. To the south of farm Bravo is a lake, which has a Shadowstalker at the bottom of it. The paved road heading east leads to a collapsed tunnel, which has a couple of item spawns. There is a crashed Sandpiper in the northwest corner of the map, also with a couple of item spawns. There are various bits of debris along the paved roads, which can be looted for various items.

Related achievements[edit]

Achievement icon Champion.jpg
  • Champion
  • Win 3 arena matches.