Volk Military Base

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Volk Military Base
Volk Military Base.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

Volk Military Base is a large military base in Russia. The military base is divided in half by a runway. The north side is predominantly made up of barracks, while the south side primarily serves to store and maintain military aircraft. The main entrance into the military base can be found on the north side, but the wall along the southeastern corner of the military base has been knocked over and can be entered through as well.

When going through the north entrance, there is a security checkpoint with multiple boom barriers, which can be powered and then lifted in order to move vehicles through that area. There are three watchtowers on the north side, along each wall. Military vehicles can be found in the dedicated parking spot. There are six small barracks, and one large barracks. Next to the large barracks is an outdoor gym area, and two armories. It is possible for a mega zombie to spawn between the armories. A large radio tower is situated in the northeast corner.

The south entrance is large enough to allow most vehicles through easily, and is not obstructed by any boom barriers. This opening places players onto the end of the runway. Two helipads and a fuel tank can be found directly to the left of this opening once inside, followed by a single armory building. Around the corner of the armory is a firing range with a watchtower. The targets can be destroyed for experience points. Two large hangars can be found at the west end of the runway, along with another fuel tank. An Annushka can spawn in one of the hangars.


  • Volk (Волк) translates into English as "wolf".