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Easter Island
Easter Piko.jpg
Game modeSurvival
Release dateFebruary 7, 2020
CreatorsSteven "MeloCa" Nadeau, Thom "Spebby" Mott, Ben "Paladin" Hoefer, Nolan "Nolam" Ross
LinksSteam Workshop

Easter Island is a curated playable map in Unturned (version 3).

The map was created by Steven "MeloCa" Nadeau, Thom "Spebby" Mott, Ben "Paladin" Hoefer, and Nolan "Nolam" Ross. Special thanks are given to Doug Soderstrom, Danaby2, Madison "Froggo" Wilder, and Timo987. It was released on February 7, 2020, together with the update. The map's creators can be supported by purchasing the Easter Island Map Bundle, or Easter Island Map Mystery Box.

The map has received two major content updates post-release. The first was a major bug-fixing update, dubbed "1.1", which was released on February 10th, 2020 and added a few items and minor locations to diversify looting options. The second major update, dubbed "1.2, Sunken Treasure" released on November 6th, 2022. The update was originally planned for an April 2020 release but was put on hold. The update added several weapons and minor locations, along with numerous bug fixes.


List of marked locations

Name Type Description
Ahu Vinapú Beach Beach A beach on the south side of the map. An early location that players will loot.
Ahu Tongariki Ahu An Ahu on the slopes of Rano Raraku.
Rano Kau Volcano A volcanic crater in the south of the map. The slopes of the extinct volcano are covered in pumice. A small cave system is found underneath it.
Piko Resort Campsite An island resort, currently under construction located in the south-east.
Poike Resort Campsite A resort situated on the slopes of Poike in the East of the map. A small beach is located nearby.
Mataveri Airport Campsite The main airport on the map; located in the middle of the map.
Akahanga Burial Grounds Vermillin An ancient burial ground, currently under the control of Vermillin.
Puna Campground Campsite A small campsite located in the southern portion of the island, along the river. Clay can be found on the shores of the river nearby.
Piki Farm Farm A small banana farm on the slopes of Rano Kau.
Hanga Roa Town The only major civilian settlement; located in the west.
Rano Raraku Harbor Vermillin A large shipyard located in the northeast of the map. A vermillion mega can be found here.
Terevaka Volcano The largest of the 4 volcanos, taking up almost the entire northern portion of the island. It towers over the rest of the island, spewing ash. A large cave system can be found beneath it and its slopes are dotted with rat burrows.
Orogno Lookout Campsite A lookout over the Pacific Ocean. Designed for fishing and acquiring diving gear.

List of unmarked locations

Name Type Description
Abandoned Farm Farm A wrecked farm located just west of Ahu Vinapú Beach.
Crustacean Station Gas Station A gas station on the west flank of Rano Raraku.
Rano Raraku Volcano The main quarry. Lots of metal, along with living Moai can be found here, along with a Moai Mega.
Outpost: Omega Vermillin The main headquarters of Vermillin's operations on Easter Island. It lays near the summit of Terevaka, with catwalks extending access all across the summit. An underground facility is located directly underneath the surface structures and exits into the caves beneath Terevaka's Caldera. Flamer and Groundpounder bosses may uncommonly spawn here.
Outpost: Alpha Vermillin A Vermillin research center focused on marine life found on the western flank of Terevaka. A runway for an Albatross can be found here. A Vermillin mega can commonly spawn here.
Outpost: Charlie Vermillin A small Vermillin outpost on the western flank of Rano Kau. It was seemingly studying the geological makeup of Rano Kau.
Northern Fissures Volcano An extremely hazardous lava field located on the eastern flank of Terevaka. A small town used to be located here. A rat burrow can be found here.
Southern Tidepools Beach Costal tidepools just south of Hanga Roa. Sea Urchins can be found in abundance here, along with other fishing equipment.
Northern Tidepools Beach Costal tidepools just north of Outpost: Alpha. Sea Urchins can be found in abundance here, along with other fishing equipment. A vermillin vessel is sunk here, with a tug boat trying to tow it.
Freighter ??? A large freight ship sunken in the west. Never before seen treasures can be found here.
Great Chasm Vermillin A massive underwater Chasm in the south-east of the map. A flooded Vermillin base can be found here.
Northern Pirate Wreck Pirate A wreck of a small pirate boat on the northern flank of Terevaka. Chests can be found here.
Southern Pirate Wreck Pirate A wreck of a small pirate boat on a small island to the south east. Chests can be found here.
Sunken Pirate Ship Pirate The wreck of a great pirate ship; located underwater in the north-western corner.
Weather Station Campsite A destroyed weather outpost. A weather bunker can be found on the northern tip of the island.
Survivor Outpost Campsite A makeshift structure resembling that of a player's. It can be found on the southern flank of Terevaka. A destroyed campsite can be found just east.


  • The map was in development for 334 days.
  • Many of the map's notes and graffiti are references to various internet memes or bugs in development.
    • The business "Boardwalk Burgers" is a reference to the Official Podcast, and the copypasta associated with it.
  • The majority of the Moai statues face the centre of the island. This is to mirror the real world Easter Island, where all but one Ahu; Ahu Akivi (Group of Moai), face inland.
  • The in-game portrayal of Terevaka shows it as a violently active volcano, this is despite the real-world classification of "extinct".
    • According to the map's developers, the choice to make Terevaka active was to make the map more exciting, and unique.
    • Terevaka's activity was also decided upon to help differentiate the map from Hawaii, as Hawaii's volcanic activity is less volatile.
  • The weather outpost was originally going to host a small band of survivors.
    • The central storyline would have focused on repairing the weather station and contacting the mainland.
    • Sub-plots would have focused on one of the 3 NPCs and built up their character.