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Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

Unturned's storyline is set in the post-apocalyptic world following a zombie outbreak.


Although the in-game world may appear similar to reality up until the apocalypse, its timelime of events is different.

The events that transpired in PEI, Washington, Yukon, Russia, and Germany are all considered canon. Additionally, some parts of the Tutorial map is also considered canon. Although the lore added with curated maps is not considered canon, they may be considered as part of an extended universe in the Unturned storyline. Note that many of the curated maps offer a conflicting timeline or story to the official maps, and they are not an accurate reference for establishing the official timeline.

The specific dates for when the apocalypse takes place is scarcely mentioned. It was originally planned for the story take place in the 1990s, but with the addition of newer official maps it has since drifted closer to the mid 2010s. This disparity is not something that has been officially amended, and the disparity can grow substantially larger if one were to optionally choose to consider any of the curated maps as canon.

Thousands of years ago[edit]

  • A horrible incident involving a "soulcrystal" forces several Slavic tribes to unite. The tribes fracture the soulcrystal, and each tribe agrees to secretly encase a piece in stone such that no one person should know the location of all the fragments.
  • One of the tribes responsible for fracturing the soulcrystal buries their fragment in a tomb guarded by their spirit ancestor, Anastasia.
  • The tribe who buried a fragment in an ancestral tomb create etchings along a hilltop stone monument. One of the etchings is composed of runes representing nighttime, whispers, a harvest, and a soulcrystal. The etchings record the tribe's history.


  • July 3: The Polysol Federation conduct a resources report on Earth, and recommend keeping a patrol of the solar system to prevent pirates from attempting to steal any of Earth's valuable resources.
  • Two UFOs are shot down by the United States military as a precaution after they failed to heed warnings. One of the UFOs—a scout ship—land in Roswell, New Mexico. The landing of the other UFO remains unknown to the United States and is assumed to be lost with no survivors, although in actuality it landed in Washington and the occupants entered an extended cryogenic sleep. The United States military rescue the crashed UFO in Roswell.
  • The official account given by the government regarding the UFO that landed in Roswell was that the saucer's occupants were rescued after it crashed into an unidentified object.
  • An unnamed military official documents his opinion on how the government is handling the UFO crash information being released, and considers quietly retiring.
  • July 8: The occupants of the saucer—members of the intergalactic Polysol Federation—provide information to the United States military regarding their purpose. The Polysol Federation considers humanity an ally for rescuing their scout ship. This information is processed and sent to Area 51.
  • The unnamed military official retires from his work and moves to Montague, PEI.


  • At an unknown research facility, a camera operator goes out for lunch.
  • Scorpion-7's PEI facility is assigned to work on a DNA splicing project.
  • The Scorpion-7 facility in the Yukon begins work on a "hallucinogenic weapons" contract for Big J, and experiment on the local wildlife.
  • Late 2017: The PEI government begins investigating the local Scorpion-7 laboratory.


  • January 2: Dr. Behan, a Scorpion-7 employee, is evicted from his home for unknown reasons. He assumes it is due to the government's investigation into Scorpion-7.
  • January 3: The laboratory head begins making plans with headquarters to relocate the facility to either Washington or British Columbia. A few of the employees are reassigned to other facilities ahead of time to work on other projects. Dr. Behan is assigned to the "hallucinogenic weapons" code name "berrybush" project in Yukon. The work was contracted by Big J, and the Yukon facility had already begun testing on wildlife.
  • January–February: The Scorpion-7 laboratory in PEI is torn down and a farmhouse is built over its remains. An unnamed family (with the exception of their daughter, Laura) from Washington is moved into the farmhouse, although their memories were tampered with during the process. Dr. Behan decides to leave his dog, Spot, with the family.
  • January–February: Within thirty days of his eviction notice, Dr. Behan moves to Yukon for his new assignment.
  • January–February: A farmhouse in Washington is torn down to begin building the new Scorpion-7 facility for the group being relocated out of PEI.
  • January–February: Jane, a friend of Laura and her family, writes in her diary about Laura has not been to school for a week. Jane's teacher, Mr. Green, tells her that Laura's parents called to say they were moving to Madagascar. When Jane cycles down to where Laura's family used to live, she finds that their farm had been dug up, and construction was underway for a Scorpion-7 laboratory.
  • January–February: Laura's family begin to notice that their memories in PEI do not seem to be real.
  • February 7: The Scorpion-7 facility in Yukon receives a shipment from headquarters, and several Scorpion-7 facilities receive new contract work for the executives at Big J. Dr. Behan logs his pleasure regarding how well his transition to the Yukon facility has gone, noting how Dr. Stevens invited him to play chess. He also notes how the shipment from headquarters came earlier than anticipated, and cannot see a possible consumer application for the work.
  • The Scorpion-7 facility in Washington uncovers the second UFO crash site from 1947, and finds survivors from the Polysol Federation who entered an extended cryogenic sleep. The survivors are transported to an unknown area of the Washington facility.
  • Kilroy and his team, a group of British museum curators pretending to be on holiday in Russia, decode the ancient tribal symbols found at the prehistoric stone monument between Keryev and St. Petersburg, including a large faded icon representing nighttime, whispers, a harvest, and a "soulcrystal" of immense power that is activated by a ritual. While Kilroy is interested in finding the soulcrystal, they believe it to be only of superstitious or cultural importance.
  • A Washington journalist visits a local Big J fast food restaurant while drafting a news article. The journalist plans to write about how Big J contracted Scorpion-7 to help in creating addictive chemicals for the food chain's food, and how there has been experimentation on wild animals in the process.
  • n.d., 12:30 a.m.: A containment leak occurs at the Scorpion-7 facility in Washington after an issue occurs with a bioweapon contract. The military's Bravo Team is briefed to begin securing the facility, having to move in earlier than anticipated due to the leak.
  • May 21: General Harken requests from Area 51 that all files regarding the Polysol Federation be forwarded to Olympia Military Base.
  • May 22, 7:18 a.m.: Flight 106 lands at Shereyavo International, but fails to respond to the air traffic controller and is on autopilot. The ATC alerts ground crew to be on standby if there is an emergency.
  • May 22, 7:27 a.m.: Flight 106's occupants were carrying an extremely fast-acting virus that begins infecting everyone in the area. Security moves in to intercept, while everyone else is evacuated to Moscow.
  • May 22: Pavel, the manager of the railway roundhouse that is Vorkuta Junction, is woken from his slumber by soldiers. The soldiers have him work the turntable so that they can retrieve a railway gun from World War II, nicknamed Ivan, to use in blowing up the train tunnels in their attempt to trap the infection in Russia.
  • May 22, 10:25 a.m.: Radio contact is lost with the military squad operating the railway gun. However, all the train tunnels were successfully collapsed.
  • May 23: Private Douglas from Area 51 sends the requested records and photos to General Harken. The documents are encrypted with a 128-bit AES key generated for May 23.
  • n.d., 10:09 p.m.: A mission briefing from the Canadian government in Ottawa orders the destruction of the Confederation Bridge in an attempt to prevent the spread of the virus into PEI. Communication is lost with the Canadian government shortly after the bridge's destruction is ordered.
  • May: Artyom, a Russian mafioso, is ordered by the godfather to capitalize on the Russian military being spread out in their efforts to quarantine the infection.
  • A lone hiker falls into the Zugspitze abîme, and gets lost in the caves. Nobody is aware of his location, but he leaves a note behind for whoever finds it to take care of his cats.
  • A camper believes they had gone camping in Bielefeld a week ago, but is unsure of Bielefeld's existence and goes to see a counselor.
  • Workers at the limestone quarry in Germany discover a dinosaur skull while drilling and blasting.
  • Pedro Riso and Terry Rickster, inmates at Fernweh Prison, befriend each other in the prison yard.
  • Mawby, the owner of a German brewery, manages to mainstream berry cocktails, and other breweries in the region begin introducing berry mixes to their stocks too.
  • Oskar, a farmer in Germany, heads into town for the first time in weeks to restock and see Jerry. However, the farmer turns back after seeing multiple crashed cars along the way, and zombies eating corpses as they milled around the streets.
  • n.d., 5:00 p.m.: The German military initiate Operation Flashflood. A team is sent with explosives on an away mission to the Rappbode Dam. The dam is crippled, the upper causeway is fortified for the time being, and the dam is opened while at max capacity. Hamburg is flooded, although there is otherwise very minimal geographical damage.
  • Orders come in to initiate the National Redoubt defensive plan. Military forces are moved to the western mountains, and their ongoing efforts are shifted towards Plan B.
  • A space shuttle is launched from Schwarzwald Military Base, but crashes into Cologne. The shuttle was carrying a teleporter coil.
  • n.d., 3:26 a.m.: A squad is dispatched to lock down the area around the shuttle crash in Cologne, and begin the recovery process so that they may salvage as much as possible and investigate what caused the crash.
  • The squad dispatched to investigate the shuttle that crashed into Cologne arrive at their destination. Unknown to the squad leader's team, the shuttle was carrying extremely radioactive material that causes a much more powerful secondary explosion, and Cologne is destroyed in the blast.
  • Another shuttle is airlifted to Schwarzwald Military Base.
  • Communication between the Aerospace Defense Complex and Schwarzwald Military Base is lost, and the Aerospace Defense Complex becomes the only facility still operational.
  • A few days following the loss of Schwarzwald Military Base, workers at the Aerospace Defense Complex prepare for the next shuttle launch as needed to get the last few shipments to an orbital space station.
  • Another shuttle launch is attempted from the Aerospace Defense Complex, but fails and the complex falls to the infected.
  • A group of survivors attempt to loot Neuschwanstein Castle, but are unable to blast through due to the front door. Every door and window appears to be shielded and covered in thick iron plates.
  • The Coalition create their local base of operations in Berlin's mall, and begin reclaiming the downtown area. Checkpoints are set up at all three road tunnels leading out of Germany, and the area becomes relatively stable with the presence of the Coalition in Germany. Trains continue to run for the time being.
  • The Syndicate is formed in response to growing presence of the Coalition in Berlin, Germany.
  • June 17: Work Order #35149 is issued by the Coalition. A four hundred square meter area is designated to be fenced off to facilitate a ten meter deep hole for cremating infected corpses.
  • Coalition soldiers stationed at the three road tunnel checkpoints grow restless from boredom, and lower their guard.
  • A landslide occurs, obstructing the cliff railroad in Germany.
  • A train derails after crashing into the landslide obstructing the cliff railroad in Germany. A majority of the passengers are severely injured, and one passenger is chosen to search for help. The train was carrying a teleporter coil.
  • August 15: Sergey, a janitor for the St. Petersburg metro, is stalked by an unknown entity as the lights flicker. When the lights fully go out in the hall, Sergey goes to investigate the fuses.
  • September 7: Natasha, the owner of a family gas station now that her father has passed away, is visited by a Big J representative trying to buy out her business. The businessman remarks that her store is the only one still holding out, and he raises his offer for the store. Big J planned to re-brand all of the gas stations after gaining market dominance.
  • Dima, the project manager at the Keryev dig site, lists a soulcrystal for sale. Within a few hours, a Scorpion-7 employee purchases the soulcrystal and collects it in a truck. Dima's employers at the corporate level are not made aware of the transaction, but the sale made more than the rest of the dig had.
  • n.d., 1:42 p.m.: Using the soulcrystal at a Scorpion-7 black site located in an unknown American state, a Scorpion-7 team attempt to hijack control of the zombies. Additionally, the test subjects at the black site show no positive response to modified vaccine prototypes. The virus mutates too quickly for the vaccines to be effective, and begin mutating at a quicker rate following the injection of the vaccines. One of the subjects grow acid glands, another begins to generate an electromagnetic field that can render the subject invisible, and a third subject shows fireproof properties.
  • The project at the Scorpion-7 black site is rebooted per the recommendation of Polysol Federation survivors recently awoken from extended cryogenic sleep. This is despite the failure of previous attempts at cracking the soulcrystal through radiation, electrifying it, and explosives.
  • The scientists at the Scorpion-7 black site are forced to retreat before they could succeed in their efforts.
  • September 22: Oktoberfest begins in Munich, Germany.
  • The Coalition continue to fail in their attempts to locate the "Syndicate" rebel group, and only know that it is near Zugspitze. The Coalition remain on high alert and consider going on the offensive, as they are aware of the Syndicate planning something.
  • The Syndicate leadership form a plan for raiding the Coalition compound in Berlin, in an effort to permanently drive them out of Germany.
  • The Syndicate launch their three-pronged attack on the Coalition compound in Berlin. Team A drives vehicles through the two bridge checkpoints into the compound, and provides covering fire from the overpass. Team B enters Berlin through the sewers, armed with heavy weaponry. Team C goes to the main entrances, posing as survivors seeking refuge until they are inside and the attack on the compound begins.
  • The Coalition compound in Berlin falls to the Syndicate raid. The survivors of the attack flee to Russia, travelling by the Liberator. Pedro Riso and Terry Rickster are on-board with them.
  • The President of Russia orders General Boris to launch a nuclear warhead at Moscow in an attempt to destroy the virus spreading through the country. General Boris rejects and burns the order, cuts communication, and plans to sabotage the warhead if someone else tries to launch it.
  • The Russian military launch an attack on Silo 22 in an attempt to forcefully launch the nuclear warhead. However, the missile is sabotaged by General Boris, causing the entire northern area to become irradiated.
  • Russia joins the Coalition.
  • General Roman is assigned by the Coalition to set up a forward operating base in Russia. After surveying the coastline, they choose to secure the oil rig and begin helping survivors. Scouts make the General Roman aware of the irradiated area to the north of Moscow, and reinforcements are called in to help set up a headquarters on the mainland. Several nuclear submarines begin to rendezvous at the oil rig.
  • n.d., 3:02 a.m.–3:07 a.m.: A nuclear submarine docks under the oil rig. A few minutes after docking, coolant for the reactor runs low, and the submarine's reactor overheats and enters a nuclear meltdown. The oil rig and the surrounding area is irradiated before any survivors could be rescued.