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Yukon level.png
Map SizeMedium
Game ModeSurvival
Harsh, freezing territory in North-West Canada. Barren frozen wasteland scattered with camps and cabins. Tourist attractions include skiing, skating and train spotting. Recommended for experienced adventurers.

Yukon is a playable map in Unturned.


  • Beaufort Bay
  • Dawson Airstrip
  • Kluane Lake
  • Ibex Valley
  • Mount Logan
  • Off Limits
  • Quill Creek
  • Whitehorse

Unmarked locations[edit]

  • Abandoned barn
  • AC-130 crash
  • Collapsed mine
  • Gas station
  • Igloos
  • RCMP outpost
  • Sawmills
  • Scorpion-7 cargo ship
  • Skycrane crash


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

While the Scorpion-7 team in PEI was being relocated, the facility in the Yukon was working on the "hallucinogenic weapons" contract for Big J. Dr. Behan, a member of the PEI team, was reassigned to the Yukon facility. The facility had already begun testing on wildlife before Dr. Behan's reassignment.

Dr. Behan was received well by the Yukon team. Following his integration into the team, headquarters sends the Yukon facility new contract work for the executives at Big J. The project has an unknown consumer application to Dr. Behan, and the contract work is split up between several laboratories.


  • The map is based on the Yukon, the smallest and westernmost of Canada's three federal territories.
  • The Welcome to Yukon achievement can only be obtained on this map.
  • Before its addition, it was referred to as the "Arctic map" in a Trello card.
    • The Trello card briefly described the experienced the map would provide players, and the new assets and mechanics planned to be created for the map: "A blizzardy location deep in the mountains. This will make use of the snow system in the editor, and offer a much tougher survival experience compared to PEI. There will be far fewer locations save a crash site where the player spawns and some outposts in favor of the outdoors experience. This will hopefully lead to more snow assets, traps and new animals."