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Tutorial level.png
Map sizeSmall (1024×1024 m2)
CreatorsSmartly Dressed Games
You're not supposed to be able to see this... If you're joining a multiplayer server on this map prepare to get spawntrapped!

The Tutorial is a playable map in Unturned (version 3). It serves to help show new players some of the game's various features, and teach them the fundamental game mechanics. It can be accessed from the main menu at any time. Completing the game's tutorial is not mandatory, but doing so will award the player with the Graduation achievement and a Graduation Cap. The tutorial area takes place within the confines of a training facility suspended above a lake. It has orange and gray developer textures, and is linear in nature.

A series of on-screen hints are shown to the player based on their physical position in the training facility.


As the player spawns in, they are instructed to move with W, A, S, and D. They are taught how they can move their camera by dragging their mouse, and that they can jump over ledges such as the one in front of them. After being taught how to switch perspective and how to sprint, they arrive at a set of tables.

In this section, players are taught how to interact, equip, and use items found within the world or from their inventory. The player is given a Red Daypack, an Orange Hoodie, Work Jeans, Bottled Water, Canned Beans, and a Zubeknakov. A group of three naked zombies stand idly in a nearby pit with ladders on both ends. After climbing out of the pit, the player is given a Low Caliber Ranger Ammunition Box. They are instructed on how to refill magazines, modify weapons, and upgrade their skills.

A mock underwater cave teaches the player how to swim and dive. On the other end is a Medkit and Splint, which the player can use to regain health. Nearby, a Police Car is parked next to a Portable Gas Can and a full fuel tank. The game explains how to siphon gas and then fuel a vehicle. As the player drives the vehicle, they are taught how to use special vehicle functions such as headlights and sirens. After reaching the end of the driving section, the player must exit their vehicle and crouch and prone under small gaps. This marks the end of the basic tutorial.

However, the player can partake in more advanced tutorial activities from this point. There are three additional rooms that the player can go into: to their right for fishing, straight ahead for resource gathering, and to their left for building. By going to the right, the player is given a Fishing Rod and is taught how to fish. By going straight, the player is given a Camp Axe and is taught how to chop down trees and scavenge for berries.

If the player goes into the left section, they are initially given three Maple Barricades. However, the following room then contains multiple tables, each with their own items and tutorial hints. A 4 Seater Makeshift Vehicle is in the center of the room, which can be built upon. A table to the left provides a Planter, Corn Seed, and Fertilizer, and teaches the player how to plant and grow crops. The table straight ahead from the room's entrance has a Campfire, and teaches the player how to stay warm and cook food. The final table—located to the right after having entered the room—has a fuel tank, Portable Generator, and Spotlight. Electricity and power generation is taught to the player when standing near this table.

After having explored the three advanced rooms, there are no more additional tutorial areas available to the player. However, the player can manage to get out-of-bounds of the training facility, if they wished to explore the surrounding outdoors area.


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

To a certain extent, the map is considered a canon part of the game's storyline. While the map was not designed to accommodate gameplay outside of the tutorial area, and the training facility itself only has interior developer textures, a note can be found outside the intended learning area. The note reads, "Gone for lunch!"

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