Off Limits

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Off Limits
Off Limits.jpg
TypeScorpion-7 facility

The "Off Limits" area in the Yukon is a Scorpion-7 research facility. Points of interest include three mobile research facilities, three biodomes, and a dedicated helicopter landing area.

The mobile facilities can be looted for Scorpion-7 research equipment, such as medical items, biohazard suits, and Chemicals. The Viper and its ammunition can also spawn in the mobile facilities. One of the facilities has a story note on the counter.

Some of the biodomes are unique in that they are the only area in Yukon with non-pine trees, berry bushes, and grass suitable for growing crops without need of a Planter. Each biodome is slightly different. One of the biodomes is filled with construction equipment. Moose can be found in one of the biodomes. Naked zombies that were once test subjects can spawn in one of the biodomes, and occasionally a mega zombie wearing a biohazard suit may spawn there as well.

The helicopter landing area has two helipads. A Skycrane may spawn on the helipads. There are also two fuel tanks, and a large number of cargo containers which may have construction equipment inside.