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This page contains community-made curated content that has been accepted into the game as either a permanent or timed addition.
Game modeSurvival
Map sizeLarge (4096×4096 m2)
Release dateDecember 16, 2021
CreatorsRenaxon, Danaby2, Dug
LinksSteam Workshop

Arid is a curated playable map in Unturned (version 3). Arid takes place in a mostly desert landscape, broken up by some patches of green, thin forests.

The map was created by Maciej "Renaxon" Maziarz, Daniel "Danaby2" and Dug. It was released on December 16, 2021. The map's creators can be supported by purchasing the Arid Map Mystery Box, Arid Map Bundle, Arid Scout Bundle, or Arid Tourist Bundle.

The map's creators collaborated on the map's development with—or gave special thanks to—AnimaticFreak, Rolling Chair, Magical Burrito, Timo987, staswalle, NSTM, Adrian "SirAdy Unleashed", Ethan "Vilespring" Lossner and NuclearPotato.


List of marked locations

Name Type Description
Abu Al-Kabe'er City Largest and main city, located in the center of the map. Features various sub-locations such as a hospital, a gas station, a construction site, mechanic shop and residential houses. An abandoned compound in the city is the only place where you can use a Horde Beacon.
Al-Mahjoora Village A small village on the west of the map.
Fishing Lounge Pond Place dedicated for fishing, featuring a small hut with a radio on top of a pier, as well as a bus that allows for instant travel to and from the safezone.
Fort Knell Military Base A military base, surrounded by a deadzone.
Kahramaan Village A medium-sized civilian settlement in the dead center of the map.
Kahramaan Airfield Military Base A military airfield in the south-west.
Kana'an Madraj Safezone A small settlement, the starting place of the map, a hub for NPCs, features a fast-travel bus.
Kurby Al-Mala’ika Bridge A bridge, connecting the safezone with the main city.
Overpass Construction Site A large construction site to the north.
Point Mike PMC Base A small PMC camp north of Abu Al-Kabe'er.
Point November PMC Base A PMC camp in the center of the map.
Point Oscar PMC Base The largest PMC camp, in the middle of the desert, north-west of the map.

Related achievements

Achievement icon Welcome to Arid.png
  • Welcome to Arid
  • Find your way to Arid.
Achievement icon Lock Stock and Barrel.png
  • Lock, Stock and Barrel
  • Assemble a rocket launcher.
Achievement icon Arid Finale.png
  • Arid Finale
  • Finish all main quests on Arid.


  • The map is based on the country of Afghanistan.
  • The development of the map started early 2020.
  • The voiceline that plays in Abu Al Kaba'er was provided by AnimaticFreak and roughly translates to "EMERGENCY! An epidemiological threat has been received. If you are in the area of the city, prepare immediately for possible evacuation. Listen for instructions from police and local authorities and follow them quickly and carefully. End of message.".
  • The boss zombie at Fort Knell is a reference to Captain Martin Walker, the protagonist of Spec Ops: The Line.
  • The PMCs are loosely inspired by Blackwater.
  • Graffities seen throughout the map are references to various songs or musical artists.
  • The Nemesis Prototype is a reference to a gun of the same name from SYNTHETIK.
  • A couple of different items are also SYNTHETIK references, such as Hyper Adrenaline or Hyper Velocity Ammunition, as well as the overall appearance of AG-19.
  • The Sa'id Palace is loosely inspired by the real-life Tajbeg Palace.
  • "Wasteland Serenade" used to play from the big boombox in Kana'an Madraj, it was removed however, due to players' complaints.




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