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Kuwait level Screenshot05.jpg
Game modeSurvival
Map sizeLarge (4096×4096 m2)
Release dateMay 14, 2021
CreatorsAnimaticFreak, NSTM
LinksSteam Workshop
Harsh, desolate desert country located on the northern most tip of the Persian Gulf. Tourist activities include stargazing, illegal racing and succumbing to the intense heat. Recommended for time-tested survivors.

Kuwait is a curated playable map in Unturned (version 3). Kuwait takes place in a flat, sandy desert. The Persian Gulf makes up the east half of the map, with a few islands.

The map was created by AnimaticFreak and NSTM. It was released on May 14, 2021. The map's creators can be supported by purchasing the Assorted Accessories Kuwait Map Bundle, Private Eye Kuwait Map Bundle, Letterman Kuwait Map Bundle, Assorted Hats Kuwait Map Bundle, or Divine Duneman Kuwait Map Bundle.

The map's creators collaborated on the map's development with—or gave special thanks to—Danaby2, Renaxon, Dieselsisel Media, Leprechaun12, FalkenJr, iDrmzit, and Toothy Deerryte.

Retired bundles

Two time-limited bundles were made available with Kuwait's initial release, with a third bundle having been made available during Kuwait's "Escaping Outlands" major update. All of these bundles have since been retired.

These bundles contained a new type of mythical effect that was introduced alongside Kuwait – known as "auras". The three time-limited bundles were: Mythical Sunset Kuwait Map Bundle, Mythical Sunrise Kuwait Map Bundle, and Mythical Palm Nights Kuwait Map Bundle.


List of marked locations

Name Type Description
Al Wafra Farm A corn and date farm. Notable features include a couple greenhouses, the date palm grove, and the barn that doubles as a workshop.
Al-Abdally Farm A very large corn and date farm, with a giant, mutated cucumber plant sprouting out from it. Other notable buildings include its several greenhouses, and its date palm grove.
Bayan Water Towers Water towers A group of five, large water towers.
Boubyan Island Island A large island in the northeast, covered by a deadzone.
Burgan Oil Fields Oil field A large oil field, with several oil derricks on the outskirts. Harvestable oil drums are scattered throughout.
Hawally City A city in the southern half of the map.
Icarus Safezone An island that serves as a hub for NPCs.
Jahra Industrial Harbor A large harbor filled with construction equipment.
Khiran Camp Campsite A sandy beach resort.
Kubar Island Island
Miral City The largest city, and capital of Kuwait.
Mutla Ridge
Salmiya City A small, coastal town.
Saqr Airbase Airport An airport.
Sulaibiya City A city damaged by a severe dust storm, with a notable police presence and several water towers.
Um Al Maradim Island
Um Al Namil Island

Related achievements

Achievement icon Welcome to Kuwait.jpg
  • Welcome to Kuwait
  • Find your way to Kuwait.
Achievement icon Squeek.jpg
  • Squeek
  • Fish out a formidable foe.
Achievement icon Feline Friends.jpg
  • Feline Friends
  • Feed the cats some fish or milk.
Achievement icon Dinosaur Juice.jpg
  • Dinosaur Juice
  • Maybe not the best drink.
Achievement icon Escaping Outlands.jpg
  • Escaping Outlands
  • Experience some excellent healthcare. Eye; Sea; YOU.
Achievement icon A Duneman's Promise.jpg
  • A Duneman's Promise
  • Spend too much on a shiny new gun.


  • The map is based on the country of Kuwait.
  • Kuwait spent over four years in development.