Paintball Arena

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Paintball Arena
Paintball Arena level.png
Game modeArena
Map sizeSmall (1024×1024 m2)
CreatorsSmartly Dressed Games
Battle to the last team standing in a bizarre jumble of colored blocks. Whoever built it must've been eating berries at the time. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Paintball Arena is a multiplayer arena map in Unturned (version 3). It is a gimmicky arena, where combat takes place on various towers and suspended platforms over a body of water. Players who fall into the water are immediately eliminated. The map's intermission lobby takes place above the arena, allowing for a bird's-eye view of the battlefield.


The arena has no named locations. However the arena is still split up into seven distinct sections, each a unique color. Sections are connected to each other by light gray walkways.

Related achievements

Achievement icon Champion.jpg
  • Champion
  • Win 3 arena matches.