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Rio de Janeiro
Game modeSurvival
Release dateAugust 1st, 2019
CreatorsFlodo, L2, Leprechaun12, Nolam
Sunny state on the southern coast of Brazil, located South of Canada. Known by the slums scattered around the mountains near the cities and beaches. Tourist attractions include sunny beaches, carnival celebration and Christ the Redeemer. Recommended for intermediate survivors.

Rio de Janeiro is a curated playable map in Unturned (version 3).

The map was created by Flodo, L2, Leprechaun and Nolam. It was released on August 1st, 2019. The map was originally planned to be apart of the update, however, due to changes to the curated system it was instead featured in the update. The map's creators can be supported by purchasing the Rio Vaccinator Bundle, Rio National Guard Bundle, and Rio Tamer Bundle.


Rio de Janeiro is based on the Brazilian state of Rio de Janeiro, more specifically in the Rio de Janeiro Metropolitan Area. The Guanabara Bay takes up the central portion of the map, with the above land portion being populated by cities and jungles. The best way to get to the other side of the map on land is through the Rio-Niterói bridge, which connects the Rio de Janeiro and Niterói cities.

List of marked locations

Name Type Description
São José Farm Farm A farm located in the jungle west of Copacabana. It's one of the few places where coffee trees spawn.
Serra Farm Farm A wheat farm surrounded by the jungle around Copacabana and Rio de Janeiro.
Recanto Farm Farm A rice farm located in the jungle north of Itaipuaçu.
Rio de Janeiro City A large city and capital of the Rio de Janeiro state, a variety of loot can be found here.
Copacabana City A neighborhood of Rio de Janeiro, the Copacabana Hotel is located here.
Niterói City A large city located on the east side of the map, connects to Rio de Janeiro through the Rio-Niterói Bridge, and home to a large world history museum.
Itaipuaçu City A small city southeast of Niterói.
São Gonçalo City A medium city north of Niterói, a military checkpoint blocks the road towards Magé.
Duque de Caxias City A medium city north of Rio de Janeiro. It also has a minor military presence.
Magé City A medium city north of São Gonçalo, Carnaval floats and party trucks can be found there.
Nilópolis City A small city west of Duque de Caxias.
Alto da Serra Slum The only marked slum in the map, Z.E. and Ranger loot can be found there.
Governador Island City A medium city in Governador Island, the Galeão airport is part of the city.
Afonsos Base Military Installation A military airfield west of Duque de Caxias.
Santos Joint Scientific/Military Installation A ZPD laboratory protected by a military base, located in the northern deadzone.

List of unmarked locations

Name Type Description
Collapsed Tunnels Military Installations Collapsed tunnels that once led to other Rio de Janeiro regions. Most have either a police or military presence.
Ilha Rasa Island A small island south of Rio de Janeiro, and home to a small lighthouse of the same name.
Sugarloaf Mountain Geographic landmark An iconic mountain and touristic spot south of Rio de Janeiro, a small military outpost can be found on top of it.
Christ the Redeemer Touristic Spot Rio de Janeiro's most notable monument, sitting on top of Mount Corcovado. A tram station leading to the monument can be found on Rio de Janeiro.
Maracanã Stadium Building A soccer stadium located on the center of Rio de Janeiro.
Internationals Pool Building An olympic pool built for the Internationals event. The pool water is a deadzone node, as a spitter zombie fell inside it.
Sugarloaf Mountain Geographic landmark An iconic mountain and touristic spot south of Rio de Janeiro, a small military outpost can be found on top of it.
Unmarked Slums Slums Slums of various sizes can be found scattered around the map, usually containing civilian loot.
ZPD Bunker Scientific/Military Installation A bunker owned by the ZPD and located inside the northern deadzone. It was raided by Z.E. members who got stuck inside.
Banjo Memorial Memorial A memorial for Nolam's pet cat, Banjo Ross. The memorial is protected by safezone.


  • Rio de Janeiro and Easter Island are currently the only curated maps to be set in the South American continent.
  • On release day, a bug caused the map to only spawn L.E. Big J BB Gun in any item node. This was due to the game incorrectly loading spawn tables when a map was installed while the game was open.
  • In older versions of the map, a ship could be seen outside the map's boundaries, but it has since been removed in a patch. This is because it was meant to be a safezone, however the NPCs went unfinished.