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Monolith level.png
Game modeArena
Map sizeSmall (1024×1024 m2)
CreatorsSmartly Dressed Games
Battle to the last team standing in a circular arena slowly forced to the temple in the center. Recommended for experienced survivors.

Monolith is a multiplayer arena map in Unturned (version 3). It is a recreation of the Arena map from the classic iteration of Unturned. Combat takes place in the midst of a valley, with a small lake island at its center; the map is covered in monoliths. The map's intermission lobby takes place in a mansion situated in the southwest corner of the map.


There is a single location marked on the map: the aptly-named Monolith. The marked location is a lake island, situated in the center of the map. Several upright stone blocks circle the perimeter of the island, and even more surround the perimeter of the lake's coast as well. Three paths composed of boulders connect the lake island to the mainland, allowing players to reach the island without swimming. A large number of weapons and other items will spawn at the center island, and the arena circle will always compact towards the island.

Unmarked locations

Miniature monolith circles can be found on the outskirts of the valley. There are four in total, and various items can be found within each circle. There are seven possible locations where the airdrop may occur at. These locations are spread out in a circle, in-between each of the monolith circles. A Quad can spawn on the large hills to the west of the center island.

Related achievements

Achievement icon Champion.jpg
  • Champion
  • Win 3 arena matches.