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Temperature is a game mechanic in Unturned (version 3). There is no visible temperature status bar available to players. Instead, various status effect icons will appear depending on the player's current condition. Temperature is largely tied to current weather conditions, but not exclusively.

Status effects

The six temperature status effects.

There are six status effects that are considered to be temperature: freezing, cold, sheltered, warm, burning, and acid. The freezing debuff, cold debuff, and sheltered buff are tied to ongoing weather and weather exposure. The warm buff and burning debuff are granted based on proximity to sources of heat and fire. The acid debuff is internally considered a type of temperature, and is acquired by standing within acid pools.

A player can only be affected by one of these temperature status effects at a time. It is impossible for a player to be sheltered, cold, freezing, at the same time, as these effects all originate from the same progression scale based on weather exposure. The warm, burning, and acid effects will always override any status effect gained from weather exposure. The burning and acid debuffs are higher priority than the warm buff, and as the debuffs are based on proximity to a hazard the player will only be shown the hazard they are closest to.

Although the player can only have one status effect at a time, they can still meet the requirements for another status effect. For example, a player afflicted with the freezing debuff may instead have the debuff overridden by the acid debuff. However, as the acid debuff does not affect a player's warmth or weather exposure in any way, as soon as the acid debuff ends, the player will immediately acquire the freezing debuff once more.


Players have a hidden warmth value, which decreases at a rate of 12.5 per second until it reaches zero. While a player's warmth has a value greater than zero, the area temperature is overridden by the Warm status effect for that player. The primary way of gaining the Warm buff is to be within vicinity of a constant heat source that affects the area temperature, such as a Campfire or Oven. Alternatively, consumables such as Heatstims can provide a temporary heat source. A player can continuously increase their warmth without risk, as the Burning debuff is only applied to those standing directly on a dangerous heat source, such as on top of a campfire.

When a player is exposed to a blizzard and their warmth is at zero, they gain the Cold debuff. If a player's warmth value continues to be zero for too long, they will gain the Freezing debuff. If the player's warmth is increased at any point during these debuffs, the effects immediately end.