Silo 22

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Silo 22
Silo 22.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

Silo 22 is a missile launch facility in Russia. It is a large military location, and can be looted for high-end military equipment. Silo 22 is located in a large, harmful deadzone. Due to the deadzone, zombies with exhibit radioactive properties that cause them to explode upon death. There are two entrances into the facility: the two ramps at the top of the facility, and the blast door at the bottom of the facility.

When approaching the facility from the road, there is a security checkpoint at the intersection. The checkpoint features a military tent serving as a barracks, watchtower, barracks, some crates, and metal fencing. Military vehicles may spawn at this checkpoint. Arriving at the silo itself, there are a few structures on the topside, exterior area. There is a large barracks, two fuel tanks, a parking lot. Upon entering through the topside ramps, the player is faced with multiple rooms that can be looted and explored. The bottommost floor of Silo 22 is the missile launch control center. A mega zombie can spawn in the control center.

The entrance at the bottom of the wall is blocked by a large blast door. Opening it leads directly to the missile chamber. In order to open the blast door, it must first be powered with a generator. There is a wooden ladder in the chamber, which can be climbed as a method of entering the missile launch control center.


Spoilers are ahead.
This area contains spoilers. Major lore details are ahead; do not read on unless you wish to read the spoilers.

The President of Russia orders General Boris to launch a nuclear warhead at Moscow, in an attempt to destroy the virus before it spreads throughout the whole country. General Boris rejects and burns the order, cuts communication, and plans to sabotage the warhead so that nobody can launch it. A group of Russian military forces launch an attack on Silo 22 in an attempt to forcefully launch the nuclear warhead. However, General Boris' sabotage causes the entire northern area of Russia to become irradiated.

Sometime later in the outbreak, Russia ends up joining the Coalition. Scouts let General Roman know of the irradiated area that spans over northern Russia.


  • A missile launch facility, also known as a nuclear silo, is a vertical cylindrical structure constructed underground, for the storage and launching of missiles. The structures typically have the missile some distance below ground, protected by a large blast door on top. They are usually connected either physically or electronically, or both, to a missile launch control center.
  • Silo 22 is prominently featured in the main menu icons used for the Russia map.