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Keryev is a large quarry in Russia. The location is a hotspot for construction equipment and crafting materials. There is also an abundance of metal boulders in the quarry, which can be mined. Aside from the quarry itself, there are several other points of interest throughout the quarry. A railway for minecarts also runs through the quarry, and by all of the points of interest. Civilian vehicles may spawn throughout the quarry as well.

A road leads to the entrance of the quarry. At the entrance to the quarry is a small security checkpoint with boom barriers. Police loot can be found at the checkpoint. Just past the security checkpoint are some mobile trailers and a helipad. The road continues until it reaches the factory building, and parking lot. On the opposite side of the quarry is a maintenance area, with a mechanic shop, some utility buildings, and a fuel tank.


  • Keryev is a reference to the Russian city of Kirov.