Collapsed tunnels in Russia

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Collapsed tunnel checkpoints
Russia north road tunnel.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

There are multiple collapsed tunnel checkpoints in Russia. Two of the collapsed tunnels are along the main road network, while the other two are along the railway. Only three of the four collapsed tunnels have loot spawns. All other collapsed tunnels have either a police or military presence, and can be looted for their associated equipment.

A collapsed road tunnel can be found north of Krovi Estate, in the far northeast. A collapsed railway tunnel can be found in the autumn biome, at Yekativurg. South of Keryev is another collapsed road tunnel. West of Zavod is another collapsed railway tunnel.

The collapsed road tunnel north of the Krovi Estate has a large military checkpoint. Several tents and a watchtower have been set up, and barricades have been erected. Multiple military vehicles may spawn in the area, such as the Toiler. Additionally, Raw Explosives can be found more often than usual, due to their initial use in blowing up the tunnel.

The railway tunnel west of Zavod has a military presence, and military vehicles may spawn there. A World War II railroad cannon named Ivan can be found in the tunnel, as it had been used to collapse both of the railway tunnels. However, it cannot be operated. A mega zombie can spawn at the end of the tunnel. In addition to having typical Russian military equipment in the area, Raw Explosives are more common than usual due to their initial use in blowing up the tunnel.

The collapsed road tunnel south of Keryev has a police checkpoint. A few barricades have been erected, a wooden watchtower has been set up, and there is a medical tent. The area can be looted for police equipment and medicinal items.

The railway tunnel at Yekativurg has no loot spawns. However, the Cargo Train can still spawn along the track. There is a small barricade set up at the end of the track.