Fire lookout towers

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Fire lookout towers
Fire lookout tower middlemost.jpg
TypeFire lookout

There are five fire lookout towers that can be accessed on the Russia map. Firefighter equipment, food and drink items, and civilian clothing can spawn in the towers. All five of the towers are located on the far east side of the map, in the autumn biome. There are additional towers that can be seen in the far distance, but these are located out-of-bounds. The five accessible towers are located in a line that travels from north to south, with a very slight curve. The most notable fire lookout tower is located at the Firewatch Base itself.

The northmost tower is located ~440 meters to the north of the Firewatch Base. The mid-north tower can be found at the Firewatch Base itself, and is the most notable of the five towers due to its positioning. The middlemost tower is located ~390 meters south of the Firewatch Base, with a collapsed mountain tunnel beneath it. The mid-south tower is situated ~365 meters to the south of the middlemost tower. Finally, the southmost lookout tower is located ~360 meters away from the mid-south tower.


  • Fire lookout towers provide housing and protection for fire lookouts, whose duty it is to search for wildfires in the wilderness. They are often located on the summit of a mountain or other high vantage point, in order to maximize the viewing distance and range.