St. Petersburg

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St. Petersburg, Russia
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St. Petersburg is a large city in Russia. There is a commercial and office district on the north side, and a residential district on the south side. There exists a metro system under the city, which can be entered through either the dedicated metro entrance, or a manhole ladder. The metro would have connected St. Petersburg to Moscow, but many of the metro's tunnels have been collapsed. There is a military presence within the city and its metro system.

Notable buildings include: a bistro, bank, café, gun store, sports shop, pharmacy, practitioner, post office, grocer, diner, police station, hardware store, library, school, gas station, mechanic shop, laundromat, and two fire stations. The military presence is most significant within the metro system, which also has an abundance of construction equipment. Due to the darkness within the metro system, some form of light or night-vision device is required in order to see. Much graffiti can be seen across the metro's walls, with some of the graffiti being references or jokes.

The entrance to the soulcrystal chamber can be found at one end of the metro tunnels, behind the rubble and debris caused by train wrecks. The stone door can be opened by saying "Anastasia" in area chat.


  • The location is based on Saint Petersburg, which is the second-largest city in Russia.