Schwarzwald Military Base

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Schwarzwald Military Base
Schwarzwald Military Base.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

Schwarzwald Military Base is a massive military base in Germany, located on a hillside clearing in the mountainous western region of the map. The military base is broken up into three distinct areas. The road leading up to the military base leads to the main entrance, which is located on the southwest side of the military base. The entrance area has a small security checkpoint with two boom barriers. The barriers must be powered and raised in order to easily move vehicles in and out of the military base.

The south side of the military base includes the entrance checkpoint, two watchtowers, three large barracks, a large parking lot, and the command center.

The middle area of the base has a large clearing, which serves as a runway. Out of the way of the runway are three hangars, two helipads, a metal canopy that covers a maintenance area with two fuel tanks, an armory, a storage facility, a laundry facility, and a kitchen.

The north side of the military base is a space shuttle launch site, with two watchtowers in the corners. A mega zombie can spawn next to the space shuttle. Part of the north wall is destroyed and can be easily walked through, although the debris may make it difficult for vehicles to pass through this entrance. Players should be cautious when walking beneath the space shuttle, as there is a hole that can be fallen into. There is no loot within this hole, and the only other way to exit the area other than the hole itself requires powering blast doors with generators.


  • Schwarzwald is the German name for the Black Forest, a forested mountain range in southwest Germany.