Zugspitze Peak

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Zugspitze Peak
Zugspitze Peak.jpg
TypeGeographic landmark

Zugspitze Peak is the peak of the highest mountain in Germany. The Zugspitze mountain is located just below the center of Germany, and is itself a notable geographic landmark. A waterfall exists on the north side of the mountain. A sprawling cave system can be found within the mountain, and the Syndicate faction had established their stronghold in one of the more expansive caverns.

There are multiple natural or manmade entrances into the cave system. One of the more notable entrances is the abime, located on one of the smaller peaks of Zugspitze. A radio tower can be found near the abîme. There is also a manmade entrance at Svalbard Seedbank, through a collapsed wall that had been breached by the Syndicate. The waterfall has an entrance as well.

The Syndicate stronghold and the radio tower can be looted for militia loot.



  • The peak is a reference to the real Zugspitze mountain located in Germany, which is the highest peak of the Wetterstein Mountains and the highest mountain in Germany.