Radio towers in Germany

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Radio towers
Germany Zugspitze radio tower.jpg
TypeRadio tower

There are multiple radio towers in Germany. Most of them can be looted for militia loot, such as ranger-grade firearms. There are five radio towers in total, although only three have militia loot.

Of the three with militia loot, one is located at Zugspitze Peak, on the smaller of the two peaks. There is another radio tower located just north of Oskar's Farm. A third tower can be found at the peak of a mountain between Camp Dusseldorf and Aerospace Defense Complex.

The two other towers are located at military locations, and have no loot to be found on them. One is at Schwarzwald Military Base, and it offers a high vantage point that overlooks the military base. The Aerospace Defense Complex has a large radio tower at the front entrance, but it cannot be climbed and is purely decorative.