Fernweh Prison

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Fernweh Prison
Fernweh Prison.jpg

Fernweh Prison is a large, multi-story prison complex in Germany. It is located between Berlin and Cologne. The prison complex is surrounded by a metal fence with guard towers in each corner, although the front gate has been left open. The searchlights on the roofs of these towers are nonfunctional. There is a boom barrier at the front gate, but it is relatively out of the way, and most vehicles can drive around it. There are two parking lots inside the fenced area. Police vehicles may spawn at the larger of the two parking lots, while civilian vehicles may spawn at the smaller lot.

Some civilian zombies may spawn in the waiting room of the prison, but the zombie population of the complex is otherwise composed of prisoners and prison officers. In order to open and close various doors within the complex, the player must have first acquired the Warden's Key from the guard quarters. There are multiple ladders that allow access onto the roof, although there is nothing notable to loot from there, and it merely serves as a vantage point or alternative entrance into the courtyard.

There are two cell blocks, although some of the cells cannot be entered regardless of whether or not you have the Warden's Key. The prison courtyard can be reached from either of the main corridors. After the zombie outbreak reached the prison, the surviving officers and prisoners retreated into the cafeteria to make a last stand.

Due to the prison's size, the location is a good source of police-grade firearms, Low Caliber Civilian Ammunition Boxes, and militia loot. A variety of unique firearms can be found at the prison. Police firearms include the Bluntforce, Cobra, Devil's Bane, Viper, and Swissgewehr; and ranger-grade firearms can spawn as well.