Ostsee Compound

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Ostsee Compound
Ostsee Compound.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

Ostsee Compound is a small, octagon-shaped military compound in Germany. The main entrance is along the north wall, with a boom barrier and security checkpoint. By powering and raising the boom barrier, players can easily move vehicles in and out of the compound.

The immediate entrance area opens to parking spots on the left side, with a fuel tank and exercise equipment behind it. Military vehicles can spawn in the parking spots. One of the two barracks in the compound is located next to the parking spots, along with a designated vehicle maintenance area. Mechanic tools can be found at this designated maintenance spot. To the right of the immediate entrance area is a small utility building. Behind the utility building is a storage area, where crafting materials and construction equipment may spawn.

The middle of the compound is comprised of a shooting range, and a helipad. A mega zombie may spawn between the two facilities, by the canopy. The shooting range targets can be destroyed for experience points.

The south end of the compound has a barracks, armory, and small storage area. Some of the fencing on the south side is damaged. Players can easily walk through the holes in the fences, but most vehicles will not be able to fit through due to being too wide.


  • Ostsee is the German name for the East Sea, also known as the Baltic Sea.