Aerospace Defense Complex

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Aerospace Defense Complex
Aerospace Defense Complex.jpg
TypeMilitary installation

The Aerospace Defense Complex is a large military installation in Germany, built inside of a tall mountain situated in the far northwest corner of the map. The facility is comprised of four levels, with the ground floor beginning outside as a parking area, with an outdoor surveillance and utility building. Military vehicles may spawn in the parking spots. This entrance area is almost entirely fenced off, and the main entrance into the facility itself is protected by a blast door.

Entering through the blast door puts the player in a storage area containing a large quantity of containers. There are multiple DEFCON signs throughout the facility, which are lit up as DEFCON 1. At the back of the ground floor is a shuttle launch chamber, which still holds a space shuttle. This shuttle cannot be interacted with, although there is a fuel tank and water tower. If a player were to climb the mountain that houses the complex, they could enter the launch chamber through the top of the silo.

There is a large elevator on the ground floor, but it is nonfunctional and cannot be used. Instead, players may use staircases to move up and down the complex. A Mega Zombie can occasionally spawn in the shuttle chamber or the elevator. Entering the silo from the ground floor requires opening a blast door at the back end of the complex. The blast door on the left leads into a dedicated storage area, while the blast door on the right leads into the Fighter Jet hangar.

Most of the installation's facilities are on the second, third, and fourth floors of the complex. On the second floor there is a dining area, kitchen, janitorial room, and hangar bay control room. The hangar can be easily reached from this control room, as there is no need to open a blast door. The third floor has the armory, laundry facility, dormitories, and a vehicle maintenance bay. No vehicle can actually spawn in the maintenance bay. Only one of the staircases can reach the fourth and final floor, which houses the shuttle launch control room, and a small storage area. A story note can be found in this control room, containing a log that details the status of the shuttle's systems.