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Hamburg, Germany

Hamburg is a flooded town in Germany. It had become submerged after the Rappbode Dam had been, at one point, opened to maximum capacity. Despite the flooding, the town remains in otherwise good condition. The zombies in the town are not hindered by the presence of water, although they cannot swim either. Instead, they will walk or crawl along the ground.

The west side of the town has eight residential houses, and a doughnut shop. Civilian vehicles may spawn on this side of the town. The water level on the west side is relatively shallow, and players may walk around with needing to swim.

The east side of the town is a commercial district, and is located at a lower elevation than the west side. Due to this elevation difference, players must swim or boat around the area. Zombies cannot reach swimming players, so long as they keep their head above the water, and avoid swimming over slight raises in elevation such as sidewalks. The buildings on the east side include a hardware store, gas station, fast food place, mechanic shop, grocer, pharmacy, fire station, police station, gun shop, and water tower. None of the buildings with interiors are completely submerged, and players can swim to the ceiling in order to replenish their oxygen.