Pink Comfy Sweater

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This page contains community-made curated content that has been accepted into the game as either a permanent or timed addition.
Pink Comfy Sweater
Buak Pink Hoodie CosmeticPreview.png
Item typeCosmetic Shirt
Available raritiesRare, Premium, Mythical
Contributed byToothy Deerryte, Witness Protection, Paulfest, staswalle
AvailabilityBuak Map Bundle, Buak Mystery Box
MarketableRare, Mythical: Yes
Premium: No
GUID: be728372025f4faab7ab38e23e2a46b1

The Pink Comfy Sweater is a cosmetic shirt in Unturned (version 3). It gives the character a pink sweater with white pockets and a small smiley face in the corner.


The Pink Comfy Sweater can be unboxed from the Buak Mystery Box, or purchased as a part of the Buak Map Bundle.