Tank Hat

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Tank Hat
Elver2 Tank Hat 1628.png
Russian tank driving headgear.
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Item typeCosmetic Hat
Available raritiesRare, Premium, Mythical
Hair visibility
  • Beard
Contributed bydanaby2, Renaxon
AvailabilityElver Map Bundle II, Elver Map Mystery Box II
MarketableRare, Mythical: Yes
Premium: No
Internal ID: 1628

The Tank Hat is a cosmetic hat in Unturned (version 3). The hair will change color to match the player's currently selected hair color. The Tank Hat was contributed to the Steam Workshop. It was released alongside a major update to the curated Elver map.


The Tank Hat can be unboxed from the Elver Map Mystery Box II, or purchased as a part of the Elver Map Bundle II.