Aviator Cap

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This page contains community-made curated content that has been accepted into the game as either a permanent or timed addition.
Aviator Cap
Buak Pilot Hat CosmeticPreview.png
Warm and comfy hat for the freezing cold of flying above the clouds.
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Item typeCosmetic Hat
Available raritiesRare, Premium, Mythical
Hair visibility
  • Beard
Contributed byToothy Deerryte, Witness Protection, Paulfest, staswalle
AvailabilityBuak Map Bundle, Buak Mystery Box
MarketableRare, Mythical: Yes
Premium: No
GUID: 126ca75abbe0433887c82cc7cecfc9de

The Aviator Cap is a cosmetic hat in Unturned (version 3). It is based on a brown, leather flying helmet – also known as an aviator hat, or bomber hat – with goggles on top.


The Aviator Cap can be unboxed from the Buak Mystery Box, or purchased as a part of the Buak Map Bundle.