April 2017 Workshop Crate No. 2

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April 2017 Workshop Crate #2
Crate Workshop 01 781.png
Item typeTool
Available rarities #D2BF22
Internal ID: 781

The April 2017 Workshop Crate #2 is a tool in Unturned (version 3). It can be opened with a April 2017 Workshop Crate Key #2.

Drop chances are weighted, meaning that it is more likely for a player to unbox a lower rarity item than a higher rarity. There is a chance for the unboxed item to come in a mythical variant. Potential mythical effects for a mythical item variant include Bubbling, Burning, Confetti, Cosmic, Electric, Energized, Freezing, Glitched, Lovely, Melting, Meta, Musical, Radioactive, Shiny, Steampunk, and Wealthy.


The April 2017 Workshop Crate #2 was originally available as a random playtime drop. However, it has since been retired from the playtime drop pool.

List of contents

Icon Name % chance
Fusilaut 1375 Alien Hunter 241.png
Alien Hunter Fusilaut ~7.78%
Nightraider 1377 Bandana 244.png
Bandana Nightraider ~7.78%
Katana 1036 Blood Dragon 248.png
Blood Dragon Katana ~7.78%
Maplestrike 363 Equalizer 50006.png
Equalizer Maplestrike ~7.78%
Peacemaker 1024 Killcount 50001.png
Killcount Peacemaker ~7.78%
Yuri 1041 Lunar Cargo 50000.png
Lunar Cargo Yuri ~7.78%
Teklowvka 1360 Powertool 50002.png
Powertool Teklowvka ~7.78%
Scalar 1447 Prototype 243.png
Prototype Scalar ~7.78%
Ace 107 Redforce 50003.png
Redforce Ace ~7.78%
Nykorev 126 Armor 249.png
Armor Nykorev 5%
Bat 105 Lavalamp 242.png
Lavalamp Baseball Bat 5%
Snayperskya 129 Nativ 247.png
Native Snayperskya 5%
Bulldog 1369 Phoenix 50005.png
Nueva Era Bulldog 5%
Zubeknakov 122 Elemental 50004.png
Elemental Zubeknakov ~1.67%
Fury 1364 Steampunk 246.png
Steampunk Hell's Fury ~1.67%
Eaglefire 4 Tigrus 50007.png
Tigrus Eaglefire ~1.67%
Mythical star.png
Mythical variant 3%