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Mythical effects appear on special variants of Steam Economy items in Unturned (version 3). There are forty-eight mythical effects in total, with three being emissive effects.

Non-emissive mythical effects have a 3% chance to appear on unboxed items, with the items and effects available depending on the mystery box. Alternatively, an item with a mythical effect can be crafted outright. Emissive effects are attributes regarding an item's normal texture, as opposed to being an additional particle effect, and can coexist with other mythical effects.


Items with non-emissive mythical effects are created via one of two methods: unboxing, or crafting. Unboxed items will appear as Mythical in rarity, and be prefixed as such; the attached effect is known as a mythic.

Crafted items do not have the Mythical rarity nor prefixing, and the attached effects are known as particles. Crafted items can have a larger variety of mythical effects than available from any individual unboxing, and many items can only have mythical effects if they are crafted with one. The selection pool for particles are all weapon-compatible mythical effects.


Unlike most mythical effects, emissives do not have an attached particle effect, nor are items with these effects actually considered of mythical rarity or value. Emissive effects include Luminescent, Dynamic, and Uses Hair Color. Luminescent items glow in the dark, Dynamic items have an animated effect on the texture or model, and Uses Hair Color has a material that copies the player's hair color.

List of mythical effects[edit]

Gen 1[edit]

The first generation of mythical effects were added throughout 2015. The Divine and Rainbow mythical effects have been permanently retired, and are no longer obtainable even from the mystery boxes they were originally introduced in. There are seventeen first-generation mythical effects.

Gen 2[edit]

The second generation of mythical effects were added throughout 2016 and 2017. Blood Sucker was the first community-contributed mythical effect. There are eight second-generation mythical effects.

Gen 3[edit]

The third generation of mythical effects were added from 2019 to 2021. They are all community-contributed effects, and were released alongside various curated maps. There are fifteen third-generation mythical effects.

Gen 4[edit]

The fourth generation of mythical effects were added from 2021 and onwards. Similar to the third generation, all of them are community-contributed effects that were released alongside curated maps. This generation also marked the introduction of auras. Auras are mythical effects that are also their own cosmetic item. There are five fourth-generation mythical effects.


  • The concept for mythical effects was inspired by the "Unusual" item quality found in Team Fortress 2.
    • "Mythical" is synonymous with "unusual", and was suggested by Tyler "MoltonMontro" prior to his employment at Smartly Dressed Games.
  • The Divine and Rainbow mythical effects were permanently retired due to feeling more appropriate as their own items, as opposed to being an enhancement.
    • Since then, the design of the Divine mythical effect has been incorporated into the BattlEye Halo cosmetic.
  • When particles were introduced, the Holiday Spirit mythical effect was unintentionally called "Ornamental" instead.