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Rarity is an arbitrary property that applies to all items, vehicles, cosmetics, and skins. The feature has no impact on actual gameplay, although it can be reflective of an item's value, usefulness, or acquirement. For Steam Economy items, it also represents how the economy item is acquired, and the amount of crafting materials obtained by scrapping the economy item.

The rarity is typically a prefix to the item's context type. Economy items that were community-made and curated are additionally prefixed to the economy item's context type, but ahead of the rarity.

In-game rarities

When no rarity value is specified in the game code, the item or vehicle will default to common rarity.

Color Name Example
#FFFFFF Common Canned Beans
#1F871F Uncommon Binoculars
#4B64FA Rare Eaglefire
#964BFA Epic Military Nightvision
#C832FA Legendary Forest APC
#FA3219 Mythical Shadowstalker Mk. II

Steam Economy rarities

For Steam Economy items, the in-game item rarity mechanic is instead used to represent item quality. An item's rarity will typically correspond to the item's method of acquirement. Steam Economy items have a few additional rarities compared to the normal in-game rarities.

Color Name Example ID
#FA6419 Achievement Graduation Cap 9
#FFFFFF Common Woodland Maplestrike 1
#1F871F Uncommon Fish Tie 2
#4B64FA Rare Mosaic Canned Beans 4
#964BFA Epic Fez 5
#C832FA Legendary Santa's Sleigh APC 6
#FA3219 Mythical Mythical Wicked Aura 7
#64C819 Premium Epaulettes 8
#3FA68A Promotional Chef Zombie Plush 10
#D2BF22 Gold Gold Katana 3
n/a Mystery Box Key n/a

Removed rarities

There used to be a number of Steam Economy items that did not have a named rarity. Instead, they only had a unique color assigned to them. These were eventually removed, and the affected items were changed to use a named rarity instead.

Colors of unnamed rarities
#FF7F00 #FF0000 #909090 #00FFFF #AA6125 #BBBBBB #379C9B
#B2B2B2 #6441A5 #D78B1E #9A3E97 #FFFFFF #FFED00


  • Mythical rarity was originally reserved for Steam Economy items with a mythical effect, but has since been introduced for in-game playable content.