Belgian Acid Trooper Bundle

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Belgian Acid Trooper Bundle
Belgian Acid Trooper Bundle.png
Complex acid-integrated components sealed airtight.
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Item typeBundle
Available raritiesPremium
Contributed byCyllek, Paladin, Putin3D, Wolf_Maniac, Azz

The Belgian Acid Trooper Bundle was a bundle in Unturned (version 3). Purchasing the bundle provided a package of six (6) items, all of Premium rarity.

Although it was not intended to only be available for a limited amount of time, the bundle is no longer purchasable. Its listing was taken down because its contents could potentially be mistaken for non-cosmetic items of value—such as military-grade clothing—due to the contents' dark colors and military aethestic.


The Belgian Acid Trooper Bundle is purchasable from the Stockpile.

Bundle contents[edit]