Canned Beans

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Canned Beans
Canned Beans 13.png
Very tactically packed for maximum taste.
Context typeCommon Food
Size1 slot (1 × 1)
Health10% health restored
Food55% food restored
Internal ID: 13

Canned Beans are a consumable food item in Unturned (version 3). It is a tin can of beans.


The food item can be found in grocers.


  • It was the first food item added to the game.
  • It is the only food item to have skins.
    • The Grocery Bag, along with several Canned Beans skins, were added in version as an April Fools' joke. Another skin, Runic Canned Beans, would later be added with the release of the Elver map in version
    • During the month of August 2021, a special Spectral Gems mythical variant of the Runic Canned Beans was given out in limited quantities by SDGNelson, in the form of a one-time manual trade. This was done upon request from an anonymous community member, and the item is no longer obtainable.