Plate Carrier

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Plate Carrier
Plate Carrier icon.png
Context Type Common Vest
Size 9 slots (3 × 3)

The Plate Carrier is a Common Vest in Unturned II. Its cheat nickname is Vest_01.


The Plate Carrier takes up nine slots in the inventory.

It comes with two Vest Pouches attached by default.

Attachment system[edit]

It has two Pouch slots for enhanced storage capabilities, as well as two Body Plate and two Generic Plate armor plate slots. Body Plate slots protect the front and back of the wearer, while Generic Plate slots protect the sides.


In the Firing Range map, one can be found in front of the player spawn point.

In the Sandbox map, one can be found in an Iron Code Safe near the player spawn points at the center of the map.

On Horde Sandbox in the fire station, a Plate Carrier can be purchased for $500.


  • It was the first vest added to Unturned II.
    • Along with the Modular Backpack, it is the first clothing item added that features a modular attachment system.