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The default controls for Unturned II are listed below. Controls can be changed in the Input section of the main menu.

List of default keys[edit]


Action Keyboard
Move Left A
Move Right D
Move Backward S
Move Forward W
Jump Space Bar
Tune Pace ⇪ Caps Lock
Tune Stance Left Ctrl
Walking n/a
Sneak C
Run Left Shift
Standing n/a
Crouch X
Prone Z
Faster Pace - Digital ⎇ Alt+
Slower Pace - Digital ⎇ Alt+
Raise Stance - Digital Ctrl+
Lower Stance - Digital Ctrl+
Slower Pace - Analog Page Down ↓
Faster Pace - Analog Page Up ↑
Lower Stance - Analog Page Down ↓
Raise Stance - Analog Page Up ↑
Ascend Q
Descend E


Action Keyboard
Left Shoulder Q
Right Shoulder E
Perspective Mouse Button 4
Free Look Left Alt


Action Keyboard
Primary Attack Left Mouse Button
Secondary Attack Right Mouse Button
Reload R
Inspect T
Optics Radial Menu Y
Previous Optic ⇧ Shift+Y
Next Optic Ctrl+Y


Action Keyboard
Interact F
Cycle Previous or Scroll Up
Cycle Next or Scroll Down


Action Keyboard
Dashboard Tab ↹
Main Menu Escape
Text Chat J
Dismiss All Popups ← Backspace
Toggle HUD Home ⇱
High Resolution Screenshot Insert


Action Keyboard
Split Stack Left Control
Rotate Clockwise R
Rotate Counter-Clockwise ⇧ Shift+R


Action Keyboard
Signal Left Q
Signal Right E
Signal Hazard Q+E
Emergency Brake Space Bar
Ignition V
Horn Left Mouse Button
Headlights G
Low Beams G
High Beams G (Hold)


Action Keyboard
Switch Seat #1 Ctrl+Num 1
Switch Seat #2 Ctrl+Num 2
Switch Seat #3 Ctrl+Num 3
Switch Seat #4 Ctrl+Num 4
Switch Seat #5 Ctrl+Num 5
Switch Seat #6 Ctrl+Num 6
Switch Seat #7 Ctrl+Num 7
Switch Seat #8 Ctrl+Num 8


Action Keyboard
Vehicle Window #1 Num 1
Vehicle Window #2 Num 2
Vehicle Window #3 Num 3
Vehicle Window #4 Num 4
Vehicle Window #5 Num 5
Vehicle Window #6 Num 6
Vehicle Window #7 Num 7
Vehicle Window #8 Num 8