Modular Backpack

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Modular Backpack
Modular Backpack icon.png
Context Type Common Backpack
Size 12 slots (3 × 4)
Storage 20 slots (5 × 4)

The Modular Backpack is a Common Backpack in Unturned II.


It takes up twelve slots in the inventory.

It comes with two Vest Pouches attached by default.

Attachment system

It has two Pouch slots for enhanced storage capabilities.


In the Firing Range map, one can be found in front of the player spawn point.

In the Sandbox map, one can be found in an Iron Code Safe near the player spawn points at the center of the map.


  • Along with the Plate Carrier, it is the first clothing item added that features a modular attachment system.
  • It is the first clothing item added to Unturned II to be subject to physics while worn, and will jiggle with the movement of the character.
  • Before its public inclusion, it was named the MOLLE Rucksack.[1]
    • MOLLE, or Modular Lightweight Load-carrying Equipment, refers to a load-bearing equipment and backpack system used by a number of NATO armed forces.


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