T-Shirt (U4)

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T-Shirt icon.png
Context Type Common Shirt
Size 6 slots (3 × 2)
Storage 10 slots (5 × 2)

The T-Shirt is a Common Shirt in Unturned II. Its cheat nickname is TShirt_01.


The T-Shirt takes up six slots in the inventory.

Variation system[edit]

There are multiple possible textile variations of the item. Color states include white, and pattern states will eventually include checkered and plaid.


In the Firing Range map, one can be found in front of the player spawn point.

On the Normal Sandbox map, they can be found in an Iron Code Safe within a garage building.

On Horde Chapel in the basement, and on Horde Sandbox in the fire station, a white, unpatterned T-Shirt can be purchased for $500. On Horde Potato, the cost for one is $50 instead.


  • It was the first shirt added to Unturned II.
  • A T-shirt, or tee, is a type of short-sleeved, casual shirt.