Reflex MK1

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Reflex MK1
Reflex MK1 icon.png
Context Type Rare Optic Attachment
Size 2 slots (2 × 1)
Rail System Picatinny

The Reflex MK1 is a Rare Optic Attachment in Unturned II.


It takes up one slot in the inventory. The Reflex MK1 is compatible with the Picatinny rail system.


There are multiple possible holographic sight variations of the item. Color states include cyan, green, pink, red, and yellow. Pattern states include a simple dot, but will eventually also include a chevron, among other reticle configurations.


  • It is the first optic attachment added to Unturned II.
  • Before its public inclusion, it was named Reflex Sight.
  • The Reflex MK1 appears visually similar to the Chinese-made JH400 red dot sight.