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During the development of Unturned II, several playable maps were created to facilitate the testing of new features and additions.


Bird's-eye view of an empty Blastlane arena.

Blastlane was designed from the ground up as an official mod for Unturned II, in order to test and implement various modding capabilities. It features a custom game mode called Blastlane, which takes inspiration from the Bomberman video game franchise. Players compete against each other to be the last man standing by placing bombs that destroy walls and can kill players caught in the blast lines. When a round begins, players are spawned randomly throughout a nine-by-nine arena, and brown and yellow crates randomly spawn throughout the grid to separate players from each other.


When a yellow crate is destroyed, a power-up spawns in its place. Collecting power-ups is essential for increasing the effectiveness of the player's bombs, and the player's ability to navigate the arena.

Name Power-up Description
Blastlane Range power-up.png
Increases the explosive range of bombs.
Blastlane Bombs power-up.png
Increases the number of bombs that can be placed.
Blastlane Speed power-up.png
Increases the player's movement speed.
Blastlane Pierce power-up.png
Explosions pass through destructible crates.
Blastlane Detonator power-up.png
Remotely detonate bombs before their timer expires.
Blastlane Blastlane power-up.png
Place all available bombs down the lane the player is facing, in a single action.


The BakeNation Blastlane Tournament May 2019 occurred on May 18, and was the first SDG-sponsored tournament for the Unturned franchise.


The CQC map was a development test map in Unturned II. It featured a large building complex, with a focus on showcasing early combat systems. It also featured the first implementation of doors and keys, snow geometry, and containers. The building itself was built using basic geometry elements in the Unreal Engine, as opposed to being an actual prop.

The map would be superseded by the Normal Sandbox.

Firing Range

The Firing Range is one of the main development test maps for Unturned II. As the map's name implies, a main feature of the map are the interactable firing range targets. Much of this system is built using the Blueprint Visual Scripting system in order to showcase and further develop the game's mod support.

It functions as a showcase for many of the game's currently-implemented items.

Horde Chapel

Horde Chapel is a horde mode map.

Horde Potato

Horde Potato is the first horde mode map.

Horde Sandbox

Horde Sandbox features an identical map layout to the Normal Sandbox, but takes place on the horde game mode. Compared to its normal counterpart, the map is foggier, with an orangish ambience.

Misc U3 Props

Misc U3 Props was created in order to give players a larger playing area while the game was still being developed. Many buildings and other objects are spread throughout the map, but these were imported from Unturned through an official system that allows for easily implementing various custom content from Unturned into Unturned II.

It is now one of the main development test maps for Unturned II.

Normal Sandbox

The Normal Sandbox superseded the CQC development test map. It is one of the main development test maps for Unturned II. The map features various untextured buildings, along with AI enemies in the form of drones and bandits.


Pineridge teaser image.

Pineridge was originally developed as a playable demo map for Unturned II. The map was scrapped when development shifted away from releasing an early demo, to instead rebuilding various parts of the game's foundation. Despite having been teased, there are no longer any plans to release Pineridge as a standalone map. However, Pineridge and its assets may be repurposed for use as a city in a larger, more comprehensive map.

The map was based on the Canadian neighborhood of the same name, located in Calgary, Alberta.

Tree Ocean

The Tree Ocean stress test map featured thousands of densely-packed trees. The map was never playable by the general player base, nor featured in any public demos of the game. It was created to test and refine optimization tricks regarding having a large quantity of assets rendered at the same time.

Vehicle Landscape

The Vehicle Landscape was the first playable demo map for Unturned II. It was only available during the first few versions of the game's private beta, before having then been replaced by the Firing Range map. It featured a simple road and tunnel network for players to drive vehicles around on. There were some other minor features showcased on the map as well, such as snow accumulation being blocked by roofs.