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Eaglefire icon.png
Context TypeRare Item
Size8 slots (4 × 2)
Fire ModesSafety • Single • Burst • Auto
Rail SystemPicatinny
Caliber5.56 mm
HooksBarrel • Handguard • Magazine • Optic • Rear Sight • Stock
Aiming Movement Slowdown: 20.00%
Aiming Spread: 50.00%
Base Spread: 3.0°
Muzzle Velocity: 20,000.00 m/s
Aiming Recoil: 50.00%
Rate of Fire (Auto): 900.00 RPM
Rate of Fire (Burst): 1,000.00 RPM
Rate of Fire (Single): 1,100.00 RPM
Designed by XYZ weaponry foundry
Chambered in 5.56mm ammunition.

The Eaglefire is a Rare Carbine in Unturned II.


Pressing LMB fires the Eaglefire, while holding RMB allows for aiming down sights. Pressing T opens the attachment menu.

It spawns with the Performance Barrel, Quadrail Picatinny handguard, Stock, Reflex MK1, and 5.56x45mm Magazine by default. As a two-handed item, it cannot be dual-wielded. It takes up ten slots in the inventory.


The Eaglefire is chambered in 5.56 mm ammunition. It can accept 5.56x45mm Magazines, Small 5.56x45mm Magazines, and 5.56x45mm Drums as ammunition.

Firing modes[edit]

  • Safety
  • Single
  • Burst
  • Auto

Attachment system[edit]

By default, the Eaglefire receiver utilizes a Picatinny rail system. It can accept an optic attachment and a rear sight attachment, as long as they are compatible with the rail system. It also consists of two essential modular components: the barrel, and the handguard. Although available, the stock component is not necessary.

Its standard modular components include the Performance Barrel, Quadrail handguard, and Stock. These components allow for an increased variety of attachments than offered to the receiver alone.

Ability stats[edit]


The Eaglefire can spawn naturally at most locations across Pineridge.

In the Firing Range Demo, the player may interact with a nearby node that indefinitely spawns them.


  • Its real-life counterpart is the M4A1.
  • It was the first ranged weapon added to the game.
  • The description lacks a period at the end of a sentence.
  • "XYZ weaponry foundry" is placeholder text reserved for the manufacturer of the weapon.
  • It is the first and only weapon with every firing mode.