Biohazard Top

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Biohazard Top
Biohazard Top 1015.png
Protection against scientific research.
Context typeRare Shirt
Size6 slots (3 × 2)
Storage10 slots (5 × 2)
Armor×0.95 multiplier
  • Radiation-proof
Internal ID: 1015

The Biohazard Top is a shirt in Unturned (version 3).


Biohazard Tops can be found at multiple locations in Yukon. It spawns at the Off Limits research facility, the capsized cargo ship, and the crashed Skycrane.

In Washington, it can be found at the Scorpion-7 facility.

On the PEI map, it can be found at the broken Scorpion-7 sign in the fields of Tignish Farm.