Civilian Nightvision

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Civilian Nightvision
Nightvision Civilian 1044.png
Brightness enhancing civilian grade goggles.
Context typeRare Glasses
Size2 slots (2 × 1)
Vision toggleWhite phosphor IIT
Nightvision color#666666
Nightvision fog intensity0.5
Hair visibility
  • Hair
  • Beard
Internal ID: 1044

Civilian Nightvision is a glasses item in Unturned (version 3). When worn, the player's screen is rendered in grayscale, while brightness and contrast is increased. This effect can be toggled with the N key. While active, the nightvision goggles will emit a bright white glow that is visible to other players.

While worn, it overrides any cosmetics the player may have equipped.


Civilian Nightvision can be found at police stations.

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