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Balaclava Black 434.png Balaclava Blue 435.png Balaclava Green 436.png Balaclava Orange 437.png Balaclava Purple 438.png Balaclava Red 439.png Balaclava White 440.png Balaclava Yellow 441.png
Sneakybeaky ninja hood.
Context typeCommon Mask
Size4 slots (2 × 2)

A Balaclava is a mask in Unturned (version 3).

Although balaclavas have an armor value with a ×0.95 modifier, players cannot benefit from armor provided by masks. However, zombies can benefit from this armor multiplier, because masks can be worn in their hat slot.


Balaclavas can be found at militia locations.


Name ID
Black Balaclava 434
Blue Balaclava 435
Green Balaclava 436
Orange Balaclava 437
Purple Balaclava 438
Red Balaclava 439
White Balaclava 440
Yellow Balaclava 441