Coalition Top

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Coalition Top
Coalition Top Ensign 1420.png Coalition Top Lieutenant 1421.png Coalition Top Major 1422.png Coalition Top Commander 1423.png Coalition Top Captain 1424.png
Context typeShirt
Size6 slots (3 × 2)
Storage18 slots (6 × 3)
Armor×0.9 multiplier

The Coalition Top is a shirt in Unturned (version 3).


Most of the Coalition Top variants are obtainable during normal gameplay on the Germany map. The one exception is the Captain variant, which cannot be obtained during normal gameplay. For the shirts that are obtainable, they can spawn at the Coalition stronghold in Berlin.

On the Russia map, the available variants are available for purchase from an NPC vendor located aboard the Liberator. The Captain and Commander variants cannot be obtained in Russia.


Name ID Rarity Description
Ensign Coalition Top 1420 Uncommon Coalition Ensign rank uniform shirt.
Lieutenant Coalition Top 1421 Rare Coalition Lieutenant rank uniform shirt.
Major Coalition Top 1422 Epic Coalition Major rank uniform shirt.
Commander Coalition Top 1423 Legendary Coalition Commander rank uniform shirt.
Captain Coalition Top 1424 Legendary Coalition Captain rank uniform shirt.