Diving Tank

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Diving Tank
Diving Tank 1178.png
Packed full of oxygen.
Context typeRare Backpack
Size2 slots (1 × 2)
Storage8 slots (2 × 4)
Internal ID: 1178

The Diving Tank is a backpack in Unturned (version 3). When worn with waterproof glasses such as the Snorkel, the player is granted various bonuses while underwater. Their screen will not be blurred, and oxygen is consumed at a greatly reduced rate. It has the lowest storage space of any backpack in the game.


Diving Tanks can be found at campgrounds and fishing docks.


Category Inputs Tools Skills Outputs
Utilities Metal Sheet (5) + Metal Bar (5) + Diving Tank
Wrench icon wht.png
Skill icon wht.png
Crafting II
Arrow rightwards wht.png