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Travelpack Black 245.png Travelpack Blue 246.png Travelpack Green 247.png Travelpack Orange 248.png Travelpack Purple 249.png Travelpack Red 250.png Travelpack White 251.png Travelpack Yellow 252.png
Medium sized synthetic travel bag.
Context typeCommon Backpack
Size4 slots (2 × 2)
Storage35 slots (5 × 7)

The Travelpack is a backpack in Unturned (version 3). It has the third highest storage space of any backpack in the game, behind the Alicepack and Spec Ops Rucksack.


Travelpacks can be found at civilian locations, such as residential housing. It can also be commonly found in clothing shops and laundromats.


Name ID
Black Travelpack 245
Blue Travelpack 246
Green Travelpack 247
Orange Travelpack 248
Purple Travelpack 249
Red Travelpack 250
White Travelpack 251
Yellow Travelpack 252