Military Top

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Military Top
Military Top Desert 1011.png Military Top Forest 307.png Military Top Russia 1333.png Military Top German 1491.png Military Top Arctic 1516.png
Military uniform shirt.
Context typeRare Shirt
Size6 slots (3 × 2)
Storage18 slots (6 × 3)
Armor×0.9 multiplier

The Military Top is a shirt in Unturned (version 3).


The shirts can be found at military locations, with the specific variant depending on the map. The desert variant is available on the Washington map. The forest variant spawns on the PEI map. On the Germany and Russia maps, an olive variant with the nation's respective flag can be found. The arctic variant is unobtainable through normal gameplay.


Variant Name ID
Desert Desert Military Top 1011
Forest Forest Military Top 307
Olive (Russia) Military Top 1333
Olive (Germany) Military Top 1491
Arctic Arctic Military Top 1516